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The AeroTech Reloadable Motor System RMS is an aluminum cased reusable motor in kit form that is assembled by the user. You will need AeroTech RMS-75/2560 motor hardware to build and complete the motor for many reliable flights. Motor hardware is available separately in a complete set, and also as individual parts. This motor requires installing a 75mm Forward Seal Disc, Stainless Steel (75FSDSS) during assembly. Important: High Power RMS reload kits are not compatible with Mid Power RMS products.

Perfect for heavy rockets launched from small fields, the K1800ST-PS delivers 2,440 N-Sec (548.6 lb.- Sec.) of total impulse with a 1.4 second burn time and an all-up weight in motor hardware of 6.1 lb. (2,766.9 g). It’s also a great booster for two-stage rockets, and features 2.45 lb. (1,113 g) of AeroTech’s aerospace-grade Super ThunderTM (ST) propellant formulation with a burn rate midway between Blue ThunderTM and Warp-9TM propellant types. The K1800ST-PS generates a peak thrust of 2,082.4 N (468.1 lb.) with an average thrust of 1,776.5 N (399.4 lb.). Super Thunder propellant displays a bright blue flame with prominent Mach diamonds and little smoke. Although the K1800ST-PS produces tracking smoke, it is a “plugged” motor that does not include an ejection charge and requires the utilization of an electronically-activated recovery system.

The AeroTech motor reload kit comes with 1 rocket motor reload. Reload kits include all internal motor components and FirstFire™ Initiators. Requires HAZMAT shipping via UPS or FEDEX. The sale of this high power motor to persons under 18 years of age is currently prohibited by federal law. This is a High-Power motor requiring Level 2 High-Power certification through NAR or Tripoli to purchase. Orders containing this item will not be shipped until proof of age (such as a copy of a driver’s license) and proof of Level 2 certification is received. Also, this motor requires U.S. State Department Licensing (SDL) for export (international shipments).

Certified by the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA), the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR).

  • Specifications:

    Motor Diameter: 2.95 inches (75mm)

    Casing Length: 15.8 inches (402mm)

    Hardware Required: RMS-75/2560

    Total Impulse: 2444 N-sec

    Peak Thrust: 2082.4 N-sec

    Thrust Duration: 1.4 seconds

    Delay Time: Plugged with Smoke

    Propellant Weight: 1113 grams

    Motor Weight: 2772 grams

    Maximum Liftoff Weight: Due to the variables involved, AeroTech/Quest currently does not list or post recommended maximum lift-off weights for their mid-power and high-power rocket motors. Instead, we recommend utilizing either the RockSim software available at www.apogeerockets.com or OpenRocket Simulator available at www.openrocket.info.