AeroTech M2225WS-PS RMS-75/5120 Reload Kit (1 Pack) - 13222P

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The AeroTech Reloadable Motor System RMS is an aluminum cased reusable motor in kit form that is assembled by the user. You will need AeroTech RMS-75/5120 motor hardware to build and complete the motor for many reliable flights. Motor hardware is available separately in a complete set, and also as individual parts. This motor requires installing a stainless steel forward seal disc (75FSDSS) during assembly. Important: High Power RMS reload kits are not compatible with Mid Power RMS products. 

The M225WS-PS uses AeroTech’s high-performance Super White Lightning propellant formulation producing the brightest possible white flame and brilliant exhaust plume at lift-off, plus a higher “specific impulse” or Isp and higher thrust level than our standard White LightningTM propellant. This new motor delivers an impressive 5,205 N-Sec. (1,170.2 lb.-Sec.) of total Impulse, with a burn time of 2.32 seconds and a peak thrust of 2,418 N (543.6 lbs.). The reload kit propellant weight is 2,331 g (5.13 lbs.) with an all-up motor system weight of 4,685 g (10.32 lbs.). This Super White Lightning rocket motor produces lots of bright white smoke and a real throaty roar at lift-off, plus tracking smoke, however it is a “plugged” motor that does not include an ejection charge, requiring the utilization of an electronically-activated recovery system. The M2225WS-PS rocket motor is perfect for Level 3 certification attempts or extreme high performance flights.

The AeroTech motor reload kit comes with 1 rocket motor reload. Reload kits include all internal motor components and FirstFire™ Initiators. Requires HAZMAT shipping via UPS or FEDEX. The sale of this high power motor to persons under 18 years of age is currently prohibited by federal law. This is a High-Power motor requiring Level 3 High-Power certification through NAR or Tripoli to purchase. Orders containing this item will not be shipped until proof of age (such as a copy of a driver’s license) and proof of Level 3 certification is received.

Certified by the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA).

  • Specifications:

    Motor Diameter: 2.965 inches (75mm)

    Casing Length: 26.8 inches (681mm)

    Hardware Required: RMS-75/5120

    Total Impulse: 5205 N-sec

    Peak Thrust: 2418 N

    Thrust Duration: 2.32 seconds

    Delay Time: Plugged with Smoke

    Propellant Weight: 2331 grams

    Motor Weight: 4685 grams

    Maximum Liftoff Weight: Due to the variables involved, AeroTech/Quest currently does not list or post recommended maximum lift-off weights for their mid-power and high-power rocket motors. Instead, we recommend utilizing either the RockSim software available at or OpenRocket Simulator available at